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About Us

The power of design can improve the world. At Bluerock Design, we create value by using that power to build connections between clients and their audiences. Bluerock Design offers complete professional design, web, and photography services, with an emphasis on brand development. We take the time to understand your business’ culture, so you can focus on the business. Good design is good business.

Our Process

Bluerock Design uses a three-phase design process. Beginning with discovery, we research, strategize and plot the most successful solutions to deliver your brand to the world. In the design phase we transform these discoveries into purposeful design, reflecting your objectives to define your brand. In production, we prepare all the materials you need for implementation and effectively support your business’ creative direction as it grows, develops, and thrives.


Graphic Design, Branding, Identity Design, Logos, Stationery, Packaging, Website Design, Website Development, Custom Photography, Print Design, Typography, Business Naming, Advertising, Signage and Wayfinding, Infographics, Posters, Sales and Marketing Collateral, Brochures, Book and Catalog Design, Brand Guidelines, Annual Reports, Creative Direction and more. Contact us for more information




  • "Working with Bluerock Design is a true joy. When we began our re-branding project with them, they took the time to sit and talk with us until they really understood our mission, the stakeholders we work with, and the community we are a part of. They then took that understanding and created a logo, a color palette, and design theme for us that beautifully and powerfully complement and extend the work we do. They designed a gorgeous annual report and a user-friendly website for us that help us tell our story in a professional, appropriate and visually striking way. And beyond the materials they created, Ben and Lainey are great people to interact with—they are completely available, accessible, understanding, patient, and deeply passionate and skilled about the work they do. Their creativity, experience, and talent, together with their warm personalities, makes them an ideal team to work with. We feel very fortunate to be able to partner with Bluerock Design and are proud to tell people that they are our design team. We simply can't recommend them highly enough."

    Noli Taylor, Director, Island Grown Schools

  • "We approached Bluerock Design with the project of giving our e-commerce site a design refresh that could translate seamlessly to our other forms of collateral, from stationary to packaging. We were on a quest for an overarching look that, despite the inherent contradiction, was both classic and modern. Ben and Lainey delivered clean, beautiful results that continue to strike just the right chord. They were open to our input and incorporated tweaks and suggestions whenever necessary. Their belief in our brand was apparent, and it showed through in their genuine desire to make something timeless."

    Lotuff Leather

  • "The thought of rebranding our company for the second time in five years was daunting to say the least, yet Ben and Lainey recognized that our moving to a newly renovated location was a pivotal opportunity to create a presence in the community. They successfully crafted a design that personified our philosophy and professionalism. Never in a millions years would I have imagined that our company would have a brand that rivals companies much larger than ours and one that would create such a positive outpouring from our friends, clients and the design industry at large. They are extremely talented and we are extremely grateful. "

    Christopher M. Hodgson, Owner/CFP, Coastal Financial

  • "In our experience, Bluerock Design works in a collaborative manner and presents solutions within the spirit of a project's overall design intent. This collaborative attitude is essential for a great design. They are punctual, professional, and it was a pleasure to work with them throughout. Most importantly, their originality and attention to detail is especially beneficial for any company seeking to create an inspired brand. Bluerock Design’s support for our cooperative will benefit many small rural dairy farmers in Nicaragua. Their design will enable our product to compete in the national and international market. We are grateful for their philanthropy, creativity and dedication they have put into our design which will move our project forward. Needless to say we are extremely satisfied with the results. We would strongly recommend Bluerock to anyone looking for graphic design services."

    Leonardo Castro, Quesos San Ramón, Nicaragua

  • “From start to finish, Bluerock’s process provides a welcome structure for mitigating the subjectivity and groupthink that can often overwhelm and undermine the branding exercise. Further, their work is of the highest quality and the team is truly a pleasure to work with. I can’t recommend Bluerock enough.”

    Joe Zarrett, President & Founding Partner, Verndale

  • "We asked Bluerock Design to come up with branding solutions that we could adopt as we move forward. The results were stunning to say the least! They offered us a multitude of combinations that allow us to adapt to any given situation very quickly. They have great ideas, are very thorough, on time, on budget and very easy to work with. Thanks Bluerock, you hit it out of the park!"

    Jeffrey Serusa, Owner, Seaworthy Gallery

  • "Bluerock Design approached the project with wonderful enthusiasm. Their research and attention to detail came across in everything they delivered. Working closely through the entire process, they valued my input and produced a truly unique brand for my business."

    John Dolan, John Dolan Photography

  • "Starting Honeysuckle Oyster Farm, I wanted to represent my oysters in a way that reflected an important goal of my new business: to produce a quality product. Ben and Lainey were able to achieve that for me with their branding. They joined me out on the water to see me at work in order to assist their design work. They were very receptive to my questions and input and were great in providing guidance and clear communication. Bluerock's work has helped to define my product in the marketplace and I couldn't be happier with Ben and Lainey's thoughtful help!"

    Nic Turner, Owner, Honeysuckle Oyster Farm

  • "Working with Bluerock was a great experience. Not only were Ben and Lainey attentive, professional, and efficient, but they embraced our vision for Tisbury Turkey as though it were their own. As a result, they provided more than just design—they provided insight and experience that took our vision to the next level. I am confident that our brand will achieve success it could not have achieved without Ben and Lainey's enthusiasm and commitment to quality."

    Susan Ciatto, Owner, Tisbury Turkey

  • "Working with Bluerock Design is a pleasure. Lainey and Ben's passion for great design shows in their work as well as in the contagious enthusiasm they bring to the project. I highly recommend them."

    Jonathan Wolfson, Principal, Wolfson + Partners

  • "What I enjoyed most about my experience with Bluerock Design—aside from the great work—is the attention Ben and Lainey put into understanding our goals, our work, and our customers. Their passion for creating top quality design solutions shows in their passion for creating something that is not only beautiful, but authentic to our brand."

    Clark Sopper, Principal, Gotham Machine