What’s in a Name?

Now that we’ve introduced you to our new website we thought we should explain where our namesake comes from. As with any naming project we’re asked to approach, the name needs a few important attributes.

  • Memorable: The name must be something succinct that is either unusual, different, or special. Ideally it would be all three.
  • Creates a strong mental image: You know that look when a dog tilts his head when you say “cookie” or “walk”? This is what we’re talking about. Close your eyes, Bluerock looks like something. Maybe not anything you’ve seen or touched, but that’s the point.
  • Meaning: All good or great names contain a root source of inspiration that can be explained. A company whose name lacks meaning will lack creative energy.

So what’s the meaning behind Bluerock? It has a few.

  • Ben grew up on the island of Martha’s Vineyard, which often looks blue from a distance.
  • A stream bed near Lainey’s hometown contains unusual blue slag rocks.
  • The words “blue” and “rock” are strong and evocative.
  • To us, the name feels solid, unusual, friendly and professional.

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