The Ocean Makes a Mark

Saltygirl Jewelry, an ocean-inspired jewelry company based out of Honolulu, Hawaii, was ready for a brand identity that really represented who they are. We collaborated with Amber Chesebro, Saltygirl Jewelry’s founder and metal-smither, to create a logo and brand that is as beautiful as her jewelry and rich with hidden meaning and detail. The logo works on many levels of design goodness (yes we said it). We took inspiration from the beautiful forms and patterns found in the Hawaiian landscape from the fruits of the rainforest to the shells and surf of Waikiki Bay. We perfected the logo with nature as our blueprint.

The logo feels reminiscent of beach waves, fish tails, jewelry clasps, curling tropical plants, and treasures washed up on black sand beaches. It works as a monogram, and it mirrors the same form for the “S” as it does for the “G”. We hope that everyone who views the mark perceives it in their own special way and that they feel the warm trade-winds of Oahu wherever they happen to be.

The above illustration details the forms and shapes that were used in making the Saltygirl logo, why it works, and how all of these intricacies add up to form a brand that represents Saltygirl Jewelry to the core. The ocean inspires Saltygirl’s line of jewelry and influences us each day. We hope the ocean has made its mark on you too!

Check out more of the work here.

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