New Twitter Logo Takes Flight

Twitter unveiled their new logo this week. Over at Bluerock, we got a bit nerdy over the refresh. They decided to get rid of the bubbly wordmark and “T” and focus solely on the bird. Taking elements of the previous logo, the updated new bird feels relevant, fresh, and just plain classy. The bird was slimmed down, and probably the most notable change is the bird’s movement. Before the bird was hovering above the ground, horizontal and relaxed. Now the bird soars into the sky, with such confidence. Overall, the update is highly successful. Twitter has now joined the ranks of brands who have enough confidence in their logo that they don’t even need a wordmark to define them. Fearlessly feisty and worth Tweeting about!

2 Responses to “New Twitter Logo Takes Flight”

  1. Finally, I can use the bird for twitter links legally! Twitter, every designer who has ever made a website thanks you. Please call your friends Facebook, YouTube, and Pinterest and ask them to follow suit.


  2. We agree Aaron!


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